tisdag 17 november 2009

New Blog!

Sorry, it's been a while since something happened on my blog. I just started working as a freelance designer and illustrator. There has been a lot of preparation for this lately and I didn't have any time left to make my daily drawings. Now I have build a new blog, where I'll tell you more about my work and designs. I hope that this will interest you as well and you are very welcome to visit the new blog, Majali - Design & Illustration

See you there!


måndag 31 augusti 2009

måndag 17 augusti 2009

söndag 16 augusti 2009

lördag 15 augusti 2009

torsdag 13 augusti 2009

onsdag 12 augusti 2009

tisdag 11 augusti 2009

Fiskar - Fishes

Now I'm back after a long and lovely holliday. The summer in Sweden has been just perfect and now I hope I'm all set up for fall that is on it's way.

torsdag 9 juli 2009

onsdag 8 juli 2009

tisdag 7 juli 2009

måndag 6 juli 2009

söndag 5 juli 2009

fredag 3 juli 2009

torsdag 2 juli 2009

onsdag 1 juli 2009

Sommar - summer

Sommaren är här och solen skiner. Nu sätter jag mig därute och ritar i stället. Så nu får det bli scannade bilder ett tag framöver.

onsdag 24 juni 2009

tisdag 23 juni 2009

måndag 22 juni 2009

söndag 21 juni 2009

lördag 20 juni 2009

fredag 12 juni 2009